I feel this video is true for everyone starting their first business. Once you’re successful, everyone will only see the final results you achieved, but not all the hard work, the sacrifices you need to put in, before you achieve success. If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring to be an entrepreneur, keep fighting, we at Joonomy are with and want to see you succeed.

Hope you enjoy these motivational videos.

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Imagine being me … waking up to the Rascals, “I’ve got to be on my way, now … Ain’t no fun just hangin’around I’ve got to cover ground … It’s a beautiful morning…”  I just happen to love old-time rock’n’roll, especially when I can use it to help me share my ideas with you.

Well, the “imagine being me” would take us back a ways so let’s imagine being you, a newcomer to the job market, a market that is seemingly overrun, overflowing, with recent university graduates so eager and sure about finding work tomorrow.  Guess again, but at the same time don’t misunderstand me: it can happen and that’s great for that lucky person, but those opportunities, I believe, are less rather than more for the overwhelming majority of our young professionals and non-professionals out there.

It’s got to be rather daunting and disillusioning for too many young job-seekers looking for work, applying for jobs, hoping for interviews and praying for that voice on the other end of the phone telling them, “We’re happy to let you know the job is yours, we’ll see you Monday morning 9:00.”  Getting that call can take a while because it is so competitive today.

You have to believe in yourself, persevere and be prepared to walk a mile+ in your shoes – figuratively, and literally when that non on-line interview is asked for.  Job opportunities will present themselves: you need to be prepared and know where and how to look for them.

Me and my shadow have been both entrepreneur and employee. I say me and my shadow because there have been times when I have struggled as both and ended up feeling like the only person I had to turn to was myself and when I turned the only other figure there was my shadow. It just has that habit of following me around.

I reached a simultaneous high and low point – exhilaration and disillusionment- and gave myself a sit-down talking to: stop thinking about what was and decide on what will be. So I did. And what I did is create and establish Joonomy, a platform menued for and catering to entrepreneurs and freelancers most specifically, but not to the exclusion of contractors and professional service providers.

I designed Joonomy basically with two key directives in mind: one that would have a positive well-grounded impact on and for entrepreneurs; and one that would help guide freelancers, job seekers, to relevant suitable employment opportunities enabling them to connect with prospective employers.


“Forget your troubles come on get” ready, you’re lookin at a brand new day: “forget your” worries come on get started, entrepreneurs lead the way.

As entrepreneurs it’s all about the chances we are prepared to put into action. We have an idea – a visualization – we want to share, and yes sell, to everyone else and to make that happen we have to play by a different and many times new methodology. We take nothing for granted: that is a no no. Any and every risk we are about to encounter has to be considered deliberately, intelligently, with calculation and faith and trust in ourselves. But, all of this forethought has to be done with flexibility. We have to be ready with what I call entrepreneurial night-vision goggles: hitting a brick wall is not in our vernacular although being able to see one should be. Long hours, loneliness and second guessing are unavoidable: they are inherent in nature of entrepreneurialship. But, unquestionably overcomeable and they will be so if you persevere. May sound a little crazy to the non-entrepreneurial mind, but what would the world be without you. Elon Musk said, “Entrepreneurship is for the truly insane, who think they can change the world.” Guess what, you’re not insane and you can change the world.

Defining the “Entrepreneur”
en·tre·pre·neur, ˌäntrəprəˈnər

The Definition of entrepreneur:
A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

Synonyms: businessman/businesswoman, enterpriser, speculator, tycoon … magnate, dealer/dealmaker, trader, promoter/impresario, informal wheeler-dealer, whiz kid, mover and shaker, go-getter, high flyer, hustler, idea man/person …

The Forbes Dictionary.com definition:
“Entrepreneurs, in the purest sense, are those who identify a need – any need – and fill it. It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market.” “Define, invest, build, repeat.”

Entrepreneurial can be a lonely word, or is it world. Entrepreneurialship demands absolute focus, passion, vision, perseverance, ambition-drive, personality and charisma, responsibility, respect and recognition, and that’s just some of what it demands.  It’s a go for the gold venture every day because every day brings in new changes that might very well impact that “need” you have chosen to and are determined to fill.

The Qualities of An Entrepreneur

I want to craft in my own wordy and defining way a verbal image of the lonely entrepreneur:

My father used to tell me, “better 3 hours early than 3 seconds late:” sound advice though I didn’t take him to mean it literally. He gave me directed advice throughout the years especially so when it came to my becoming me, independent in supporting myself, respectful of others, learning how to “be” to communicate with others be it in social, personal and/or professional situations. Lots more too, but what you are interested in and what I want to share with you is you and that job market world out there: the beginnings of the process.

I’ll call it a sharing of “pre-during-and post interview jitters:” something many, if not most, of us put ourselves through – unintentionally of course. It’s a natural happening every time we think about applying for – let alone getting – an interview for a job. I say applying because that is the first step we take when we see a job posting that “looks good;” and, that is when we start imagining “what if I don’t hear back,” “what if I do hear back.” You know what I’m talking about.

Next thing you know: You got the interview. Wipe your brow; your toes are in the doorway: it’s time to get ready. You’ve been asked to come in at 11:00 a.m. Do not start worrying about the person they interviewed before you: they will have come and gone and the spotlight is now on you.