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Me and my shadow have been both entrepreneur and employee. I say me and my shadow because there have been times when I have struggled as both and ended up feeling like the only person I had to turn to was myself and when I turned the only other figure there was my shadow. It just has that habit of following me around.

I reached a simultaneous high and low point – exhilaration and disillusionment- and gave myself a sit-down talking to: stop thinking about what was and decide on what will be. So I did. And what I did is create and establish Joonomy, a platform menued for and catering to entrepreneurs and freelancers most specifically, but not to the exclusion of contractors and professional service providers.

I designed Joonomy basically with two key directives in mind: one that would have a positive well-grounded impact on and for entrepreneurs; and one that would help guide freelancers, job seekers, to relevant suitable employment opportunities enabling them to connect with prospective employers.


How Joonomy Can Grow Your Business

As an entrepreneur, I learned that my two most challenging needs were identifying and securing clients and creating a viable resourceful strategy to sell their services and/or products; and, hiring the “right” candidates. Making it straightforward and less demanding for conscientious entrepreneurs and responsible job-seekers to succeed is structured into Joonomy’s platform.

A business becomes terminal if their products and/or services are not bought; and, behind every purchase is a sale. Joonomy helps you, as entrepreneur, to avoid the untoward traffic that will hold you up in your search for clientele: Joonomy will direct you to potential customers (and potential customers to you) who need your expert services. What Joonomy will not do is take a percentage of customers’ earnings.

Joonomy effectuates a snowball-like progression. Joonomy liaises an entrepreneur with a business owner in need of that particular entrepreneur’s expertise. A new or small business owner incorporates the services provided him/her by an entrepreneur; they in turn utilize Joonomy’s resources to find the most appropriate contractors, professional service providers, necessary for that business as well as the best suited freelancers to start building their staff.

Joonomy is “common ground” for our clientele. Communication(s) regarding monies agreed upon and in line with the initial bid amount can all be maintained within the underlying connection that is Joonomy: entrepreneur and business owner; business owner and contractor(s), professional service provider(s) and freelancer(s): NONE of whom pay any percentage to Joonomy. With Joonomy, our customers’ earnings are 100% theirs. Product/service-wise, this allows Joonomy’s clientele to keep their costs down for their respective consumers.

Helping You Hire Better

The hiring process is double-edged. Pairing job seekers with employment positions can be problematic for either or both freelancer and business owner. The superficial “right” candidate can be downright wrong. I have little doubt that I share this experience with numerous business owners. For me, it was when I hired someone I thought to be really appropriate to run ads for my business: I almost had my accounts shutdown as a result of that hiring. For all intents and purposes, this possibility was not an option as I strategized my platform for Joonomy.

We instituted a hiring process within our programming which identifies contractors, connections they have used previously as well as other prospective references that can vouch for and recommend a seemingly favorable candidate/service provider.

Freelancers, Contractors and Job-Seekers

As I mentioned above, my working life has run the entrepreneurial and employee gamut. During the time I worked for someone else, I had the misfortune and duress of being mistreated. Like anyone who has been in a comparable workplace situation, it is hurtful, demeaning, stressful, and can have a long lasting effect on individuals. Knowingly, that is something Joonomy will do its utmost to prevent. I want freelancers, contractors and the like to find positions where they are treated with respect and decency and given the recognition they deserve as they grow to deserve it within a workplace.

For our job-seekers, we provide job postings that are up-dated in a timely and considerate manner. I believe this will help job seekers screen through availabilities and companies looking to hire; and, it is time-efficient for both freelancers and potential employers.

Joonomy: Different From The Rest.

Our services are free: at the risk of being redundant 100% free. I created Joonomy to help you build a successful business. If through and with our help we will have contributed to that end, I could ask no more in my success as an entrepreneur than having accomplished this.

We designed our hiring platform to place the best in show, and by “in show” I mean recognized among the best in the real marketplace for today and every day after. We offer our services, ourselves, to you free so your business has the best opportunity to take advantage of and benefit from Joonomy.

I thought so much about the experiences I have had in our job market and how I can use them to help others, to help you. Getting to Joonomy was my journey: a journey through which I gathered the ups and downs, advantages and drawbacks, actions and consequences I lived with and through and eventually tied together and with it all I found my “need” as an entrepreneur.

What I learned, what I want you to believe in is yourself and that with Joonomy there “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, on that you can depend …”


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