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Crafting Joonomy’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) was among our primary concerns as we became Joonomy. A strong moving USP is vital to the foundation from which a business can deliver on its advertising and subsequent sales. Marketability is self-promoting if you do it smartly and wisely: Crafting Your Unique Selling Proposition is smart, it is wise and it is yours for the making.

As a new or small business owner you strive to build and differentiate your business from your competition. To do so you have to design a cumulative strategy that will interact within itself eventuating in the Unique Selling Proposition you want and need to promote and be successful.

I am the behind-the-scenes face of Joonomy. My intent and Joonomy’s purpose is to provide our client-base of new and small business owners, freelancers, contractors and professional service providers with a trusted opportunity-filled marketplace to help them secure the connections they are looking for as they work towards success. Hiring the most suitable candidates for job positions, finding customers to utilize the particular services of a business, a contractor or service provider all factor into Joonomy’s platform for your success.

Sharing Joonomy’s USP

I created our unique selling proposition for Joonomy; and, Joonomy for you. Joonomy wants you to create a standout USP for your business. And, through sharing the USP mechanics of our creative thought process with you, we hope to spark your resourcefulness in launching a unique selling proposition that will serve you towards success.

Your future customers are out there. They need to see, read about and get hooked on the unique selling proposition you are marketing; and, that marketing should be as versatile in its approach as it is in its means of media-advertising strategy. The words you choose and how you put them together are intrinsic to the “wow, that sounds really interesting, really catchy, different” response and “okay, in for a penny in for a pound, I’ll try it” reaction you are goaling for. You don’t need a lot of words: you need the right ones.

Your business is offering products and/or services that people are looking for whether they know it yet or not: therein lies the uniqueness of your selling proposition. Your selling proposition is a promise and the delivery of that promise will bring you customers who will become a part of your customer-base and in doing so give you their lifetime customer value. Need I say more!

There is a tangible, concrete, reality to creating a unique selling proposition: that being the actual, visible, marketing platform and strategies we put in place and offer clientele. We go one step further and say there is also a mental, psyche, subliminal – if you will – visualization for creating a unique selling proposition: that being the perceptual recognition that “this” product or service is exactly what your customers want and need.

Joonomy is about helping all business owners with emphasis on new and small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs because we believe that our unique selling proposition will have the most dynamic impact on them. We understand the struggles you face and we want you to understand our USP and know that we are prepared and here to help you.

Estimations indicate that only 20% of businesses understand their own USP and utilize it. Congratulations if you fit into that 20%. However, if you fall into the 80% who need to craft a USP we hope you will take advantage of this blog to encourage you to give thought to and come up with a USP that will work to define your business.

Joonomy Hints You Towards Your Unique Selling Proposition

» Your business is dry cleaning: your USP
Dirty It, We’ll Clean It: 1 Hour = No time to waste Spot On Spot Out Cleaners
It’s what your business does and promises to get done in 1 hour.  It’s an unbreakable promise if you want your business to succeed and grow so if you need 2 hours don’t state it will be done in 1 hour.

» Tailor your USP to resonate with customers you can help the most. Be thorough in customizing your USP: focus, be direct and be able to deliver on your promise(s). You may well get new customers who might not quite fit into your tailored USP but want your product, your services: do your best to oblige them.  It is how I’ve structured Joonomy’s platform where our primal focus is on the impact we will have in helping new and small business owners but not ignoring the help we can give freelancers, contractors and service providers, and larger businesses if asked.

If you truly can’t help, make nice and if possible refer them to a business that can.  Decency and thoughtfulness go a long way and come round full circle.

» Pricing can be a very effective USP But, do not flounder on price, be specific.  A high price has to convey quality, exclusivity and refinement.  A low price has to be magnetic and lock in someone’s mind.  If you choose pricing, research demographics so your USP resonates with those potential customers you are reaching out to.  A high price USP is easily consistent with a Hammacher Schlemmer: conversely, a low price USP is comparably consistent with a Dollar Store. 

»  A major concern in every industry: Hiring.

We believe hiring employees is a major concern for most businesses especially so for a new business. It is costly and time consuming.  Job postings with Joonomy are free: there goes the “costly.”  We also enable and encourage new and small business owners to take full advantage of our matching features’ tool:  there goes much of the “time consuming.”  “How lucky can you get …”

» Offer reassurances or guarantees on your products and/or services and back it up with your USP “promise:” ones that your competitors are either unable to or choose not to offer.

Domino’s Pizza built its business on this concept. Their mantra:

“Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered To Your Door In Under 30 Minutes Or It’s Free! Guaranteed.”

Double your money back USP’s are used in highly competitive industries.

» Make your USP short and sweet.
Make it memorable and eye-catching in a few words. Too many words, too many sentences – even worse – get lost in the mind-shuffle of most people.  Don’t make them have to think: catch them, make them react, make them want your product, your service, without having to give it another thought.

» An enticing USP is what you want: it’s all in how your word it.
Joonomy wants new and small business owners to succeed and we want them to know it from the on-set.  How do we do it: we offer our services free to new and small businesses. “Free” is a powerful and enticing word, and elementary in Joonomy’s platform.

» Does your business cater to specific industries, age groups, individuals? Whatever you specialize in and whoever your services reach out to and can accommodate, you must use your USP to let people and other businesses know who you are and why they would do best by using your services.  Your customer-base can be a great resource for you but you have to build it and that means being really smart and “individual” about creating your unique selling proposition.

» Your USP and your business are inextricably tied to one another.
Joonomy is so in-touch with the challenges you face and come up against as business owners, I can only reiterate that You are the Why of Joonomy.  Our platform may stress more so on the new and small businesses but we are here for all businesses that come to us.

Your unique selling proposition is your map-quest to move you towards success: use our tid-bits of pointers shared with you here. Your success is yours for the making and Joonomy will do what we can to help you get there.

Remember, “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, on that you can depend.. .”

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions about Joonomy’s USP and/or your USP. Share them with us in the space-box below. Thank you.

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