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Today’s business recruiting and hiring processes are embedded in the social media sites that circle our lives daily: social media is here to stay. Take full advantage of it for your business concerns when you recruit, interview and hire. Skilled, proficient, freelancers weave themselves into social media sites to self-promote their expertise throughout the job market: the best candidate for you is among them.  When you need that kind of help, you’ll appreciate Joonomy being around.

Social media is a master server when it comes to people branding themselves for recognition, no matter the reason.  Everything someone does on social media has an intent and purpose; hence connecting, networking, thru social media for the purpose of hiring and/or searching for a job is not a happenstance undertaking.  It is a direct targeting tool for a both business and freelancer prospects; and, it is very often a cost efficient one.

Joonomy appropriates the diverse efficiency of social media into its hiring manifesto so you as a business can scrutinize applications until you find that applicant who you presuppose to be the most all-round fitting for your company’s needs.

Most businesses tend to hire through referrals/connections, business-related or otherwise, before tapping into the on-line world of social media.  That virtual accessibility, ease and immediacy of having the extravaganza of the web’s social media on-sight – so to speak – is a credible means of finding the right applicant for your company.  Take advantage of social media sites as well as company in-house connections, and take advantage of Joonomy’s valuable pointers to help you in doing so.

Applicants:  Joonomy allows its job postings to be filtered thru by a company’s employees and their contacts thereby enabling new and small businesses to target potential candidates for their job openings.  This, in turn, provides potential references for such candidates.

Joonomy’s Platform: We want to do away with “complicated” when it comes to your finding and hiring candidates.  Our platform allows employers to evaluate a candidate’s hire-ability using their own connections as well as having access to a candidate’s prior/current endorsements and reviews. Our platform has features that you will have to familiarize yourself with initially. For any questions you might have, we are always – one way or another – accessible. We have “help files” on our joonomy.desk.com link, if you are a do-it-yourself-helper: you can send us a message with the “Feedback” tab on the bottom right of each page: or if you prefer please send us an email.  What you can be assured of is that once you work our platform the efficacy of your hiring process will be smoother and easier.

Bring your Staff into your Network:  Your staff is a font of networking possibilities when it comes to outreaching for prospective employee candidates, especially so with candidates who have no affiliation with your business.  Whether you choose to involve some or all of your staff in your search to fill one or more positions, is at your discretion; whatever your decision, Joonomy makes it easy for you to do so.  With Joonomy, you can send available and/or upcoming employment opportunities to staff members who will subsequently filter those opportunities through to their connections.  It really serves two purposes: your postings have a far wider outreach, and conjointly you build a more trusting and cohesive work environment in addition to which as you build and increase your Joonomy network you build and solidify a deeper trust and greater access  among and within your staff.

Joonomy”c” Strategy:   You want your business designed to grow.  Joonomy is tailored to do just that. Yes, Joonomy is a hiring platform: We are also positioned to make sure you are notified when your business services/specialities are needed/being search for by someone else or perhaps by another business venture.  We at Joonomy do our best to help you make it easier to grow and expand your business with features such as: notification/identification of employment-seeking freelancers; notification of potential business opportunities; posting job positions through your connections; the ability for others to find your services through their connections; and so much more.  Also, with Joonomy you are free to bid on any pertinent job and we will not take a percentaged fee of your earnings.

Joonomy’s Search Feature, Use It:  Our search features connect you to freelancers actively seeking employment and allows you to view their skills and contact them accordingly.  Job opportunities requiring your company’s expertise are also accessible thru our search feature.

Always Explore Referral Programs:  When it comes to the hiring process, referrals and internal recommendations are among the most telling strategies Joonomy has available to you.  Through employee referral programs, you can find the best qualified, skilled and most trusted candidates to fill your open position(s).  Referral programs are a vital resource and recognized approach that can motivate greater interaction among current staff and establish better quality-oriented recruitment results.  Use our referral systems to further your business endeavors and to help you find the most suitable candidates for your open job positions; and, encourage your staff to broaden their Joonomy connections which ultimately helps you in future postings you might have.

Remember, “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, on that you can depend …

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