Me and my shadow have been both entrepreneur and employee. I say me and my shadow because there have been times when I have struggled as both and ended up feeling like the only person I had to turn to was myself and when I turned the only other figure there was my shadow. It just has that habit of following me around.

I reached a simultaneous high and low point – exhilaration and disillusionment- and gave myself a sit-down talking to: stop thinking about what was and decide on what will be. So I did. And what I did is create and establish Joonomy, a platform menued for and catering to entrepreneurs and freelancers most specifically, but not to the exclusion of contractors and professional service providers.

I designed Joonomy basically with two key directives in mind: one that would have a positive well-grounded impact on and for entrepreneurs; and one that would help guide freelancers, job seekers, to relevant suitable employment opportunities enabling them to connect with prospective employers.


This day and age we’re living in gives cause for apprehension with speed and new invention and things like fourth dimension …”

How much more fourth dimensional can we get than the virtualness of the internet!  Its impact on virtually (there I go again) every business that’s been around for the past century has been and is – simply put – presumably inevitable. Nonetheless, whether on-line of off-line the sustainment   and success of any business is only as solid as its clientele/customer base.  As businesses adapt to whatever advances may come, business owners have to make sure that their clients understand and are prepared for those changes as those changes can very well affect their desire and need to purchase products and/or services.

As universal as the internet and its on-line clientele may be, ignoring, neglecting, the “world” of off-line clientele would be a big mistake.  Not a slap on the wrist mistake, a potentially major loss of revenue mistake.  E-marketer (yes, an on-line site) tells us that our 2014 worldwide real world ad spend was close to $656 billion contrasted to the digital virtual ad spend which was $137 billion.  On-line is BIG: off-line is BIGGER.

Structuring off-line and/or on-line marketing techniques is crucial for your business(es) to grow and succeed.  Joonomy has borrowed some noteworthy strategies and how-tos used by established, reputable, business enterprises to share with you.  Use them as they apply to your business needs: they can be invaluable in helping you.

The Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

The success of your business and it potential longevity bides its time on your understanding and appreciating the lifetime value of your customers.  This particular “lifetime” relies on how much money each of your customers spends on your products/services over the course of their lifetime.  In understanding the concept of LCV, you can – in business advertising lingo – go negative to pull potential customers away from competitors and draw them to you.  That going “negative” implies that you would spend more on advertising a product, take a “now” loss by charging customers less for that product than your competitor(s) but at the same time you would be getting a likely loyal lifetime customer.  And, over the lifetime of each customer you get and keep that having gone “negative” is replaced with profitability.  Take advantage of this: most businesses focus on the immediacy of making a profit and not gauging the long-term probability of profit.

Ain’t Life Grand: You own your own business and you own the challenges you now face. Let’s deal with them!

You have a vision with a goal: You want autonomy and the say-so when it comes to work and being financially secure.  It is a powerful and essential motivation when you set out on your own business venture.  It is a freedom you want and at the same time a freedom you have to earn.  Starting here, starting now, it’s not roses coming up it’s, a bevy of challenges unavoidable with ownership.

We are going to address the difficulties of you owning your business and highlight some useful result-oriented solutions for you.

  1. Figure out Your Business Plan
    It’s all yours: where are you going with it?  It is imperative that you play architect: design a comprehensive, meticulous, business plan.  You will need one to present to investors (don’t worry, we’ll get to that too), but right now you are the one in need of it.  You have to understand your enterprise completely and you have to be able to clearly explain and defend your vision and ultimate goals to someone else otherwise your plan is cracked and you have to fix it.
    While drawing up your business plan you will wrestle countless variables all of which have to be considered: broad goals and mission statements don’t cut it.  The underground workings of financing, operations, marketing, management, and current and projected annual revenue and its attendant factors all comprise the makings of a definitive well thought-out plan.  This together with your business knowledge, experience, acumen, foresight and insight are integral to bringing your business plan to life, your business venture to success.

This can be overwhelming and you may well confront difficulties in drawing up your business plan.

Solution to smooth it out:  Consider consulting business experts and writers (they are there for you as freelancers or thru agencies).  They will help you develop and craft a thorough in-depth proposal.  With their overall expertise, you will get objective and perceptive input; they will sift thru and work with you to iron out the details of your approach; and, you will have a proposal in place to help you acquire funding.

  1. Where is that capital coming from?
    If you’ve got a bank load of savings to start up your business, you are ready to go. However, for most of us it is more likely that you are going to have to secure loans and/or investments to start off with.  It can be an unbearably arduous process.  Family and friends may be able to help you out, but again more often than not they can only help you so far.  You will also face the queasy prospect of making presentations to people, and if you are not appropriately prepared your chances for a successful productive outcome is negligible.

This can be daunting, but unfortunately inescapable.

Today’s business recruiting and hiring processes are embedded in the social media sites that circle our lives daily: social media is here to stay. Take full advantage of it for your business concerns when you recruit, interview and hire. Skilled, proficient, freelancers weave themselves into social media sites to self-promote their expertise throughout the job market: the best candidate for you is among them.  When you need that kind of help, you’ll appreciate Joonomy being around.

Social media is a master server when it comes to people branding themselves for recognition, no matter the reason.  Everything someone does on social media has an intent and purpose; hence connecting, networking, thru social media for the purpose of hiring and/or searching for a job is not a happenstance undertaking.  It is a direct targeting tool for a both business and freelancer prospects; and, it is very often a cost efficient one.

Joonomy appropriates the diverse efficiency of social media into its hiring manifesto so you as a business can scrutinize applications until you find that applicant who you presuppose to be the most all-round fitting for your company’s needs.

Most businesses tend to hire through referrals/connections, business-related or otherwise, before tapping into the on-line world of social media.  That virtual accessibility, ease and immediacy of having the extravaganza of the web’s social media on-sight – so to speak – is a credible means of finding the right applicant for your company.  Take advantage of social media sites as well as company in-house connections, and take advantage of Joonomy’s valuable pointers to help you in doing so.

Applicants:  Joonomy allows its job postings to be filtered thru by a company’s employees and their contacts thereby enabling new and small businesses to target potential candidates for their job openings.  This, in turn, provides potential references for such candidates.

Joonomy’s Platform: We want to do away with “complicated” when it comes to your finding and hiring candidates.  Our platform allows employers to evaluate a candidate’s hire-ability using their own connections as well as having access to a candidate’s prior/current endorsements and reviews. Our platform has features that you will have to familiarize yourself with initially. For any questions you might have, we are always – one way or another – accessible. We have “help files” on our link, if you are a do-it-yourself-helper: you can send us a message with the “Feedback” tab on the bottom right of each page: or if you prefer please send us an email.  What you can be assured of is that once you work our platform the efficacy of your hiring process will be smoother and easier.

Bring your Staff into your Network:  Your staff is a font of networking possibilities when it comes to outreaching for prospective employee candidates, especially so with candidates who have no affiliation with your business.  Whether you choose to involve some or all of your staff in your search to fill one or more positions, is at your discretion; whatever your decision, Joonomy makes it easy for you to do so.  With Joonomy, you can send available and/or upcoming employment opportunities to staff members who will subsequently filter those opportunities through to their connections.  It really serves two purposes: your postings have a far wider outreach, and conjointly you build a more trusting and cohesive work environment in addition to which as you build and increase your Joonomy network you build and solidify a deeper trust and greater access  among and within your staff.

Joonomy”c” Strategy:   You want your business designed to grow.  Joonomy is tailored to do just that. Yes, Joonomy is a hiring platform: We are also positioned to make sure you are notified when your business services/specialities are needed/being search for by someone else or perhaps by another business venture.  We at Joonomy do our best to help you make it easier to grow and expand your business with features such as: notification/identification of employment-seeking freelancers; notification of potential business opportunities; posting job positions through your connections; the ability for others to find your services through their connections; and so much more.  Also, with Joonomy you are free to bid on any pertinent job and we will not take a percentaged fee of your earnings.

Joonomy’s Search Feature, Use It:  Our search features connect you to freelancers actively seeking employment and allows you to view their skills and contact them accordingly.  Job opportunities requiring your company’s expertise are also accessible thru our search feature.

Always Explore Referral Programs:  When it comes to the hiring process, referrals and internal recommendations are among the most telling strategies Joonomy has available to you.  Through employee referral programs, you can find the best qualified, skilled and most trusted candidates to fill your open position(s).  Referral programs are a vital resource and recognized approach that can motivate greater interaction among current staff and establish better quality-oriented recruitment results.  Use our referral systems to further your business endeavors and to help you find the most suitable candidates for your open job positions; and, encourage your staff to broaden their Joonomy connections which ultimately helps you in future postings you might have.

Remember, “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, on that you can depend …

Remember that first impression you made when you first interviewed: that, figuratively, is your initial workplace aura. Got the job:  well, from that point on your workplace reputation begins, and it moves in many ways ahead of you.  Brian Koslow put is very succinctly,” “There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast.”

Take a few days to relax and comfortably focus in on everything you noticed before during and after you interviewed. Recreate a mental picture of the physicality of the office: décor, colors, if there were any flowers, perhaps a dish of sweets by the receptionist.  Then picture the flow of people, their interactions: is it quiet in the reception area, are people friendly or at least courteous to one another, who gives deference to whom, how do they dress; and, did they react to you with a smile hello nod of their head.  All of this will give you an inkling of your new workplace ambiance.  You are the one with the “incoming” reputation to-be. The workplace you are coming into has an established reputation: there will be adjustments and compromises expected of you.  How you deal with them, how you interact with the staff you will be meeting and working with and/or for, all this will contribute to your workplace reputation now in-the-making.

After you’ve gone over the things you visually noticed it’s time to do some more research on the company.  Add to the preliminary information you gathered: become more knowledgeable about the company, its CEO – its hierarchy.  Try to learn something about your department, your supervisor/manager, and those you will be working most closely with.  Better yet, if you got the job through a personal referral speak with him/her and find out what you can through them especially if your referrer works at the company.  But, be very mindful of your “connection:” though most of your co-workers will be nice and want to help there are always the one or two who will be resentful and even jealous.  They’ll want to know why you got the job rather than their friend or family member: tread softly, tread carefully. Their workplace reputations follow them around: yours is a work-in-progress – for now.

First few-day jitters are common, probably even expected by your co-workers most of whom will understand them – they’ve been there however long ago that might be.  Let them work themselves out.  Don’t play on them, and do not use them as an excuse for anything.  You are starting to build your workplace reputation: in this case negative is out.  

Become accustomed to your “space,” recognize who walks there freely and who may keep a certain distance, you’ll find out the “why” soon enough.  Ask light questions, avoid coming across as nosy.  In any instance even if you may know more than someone else, don’t interrupt and do not be condescending to anyone: attitude will always label you and it is not a label you want as part of your workplace reputation.  If/when you are asked your opinion give it a few seconds of thought and give it considerately and with honestly wrapped in tact. 

When you are tasked with a project do your best to figure it out without asking some else to explain it to you, but don’t belabor if you get confused or stuck that’s when you ask straight-forward and with confidence and always express your thanks and appreciation.  Don’t be too impatient to ask and don’t be too patient not to ask.   Always use good judgement no matter the situation: at times it’s wise to defer to someone else as long as it is not detrimental to the company or another person.  You will earn respect from that person: word travels – it travels fast and it travels hand-in-hand with building your workplace reputation.

When it has to do with being tech-savvy accept it when something is new for you and ask for guidance/help: major, avoidable, mistakes can be made if you don’t.  Also, if you see someone struggling with a technical problem/question and you are savvy offer your assistance in a very informal manner.

Whatever comes up during work remember it is business not personal.  That’s not to say some people don’t’ get personal, they can and they do – you stay polite, show respect even if it’s a one-sided show, and keep your distance.

You define your workplace reputation.  Communicate and treat your co-workers attentively, intelligently, clearly and perceptively. Respect every staff member no matter their position; show that you are willing and ready to give assistance and to acceptance assistance.  Keep your attitude thoughtful and demeanor courteous; take your work, your responsibilities, seriously and diligently.  Don’t speak too loudly or too softly; maintain an even light sense of humor; and show up for work every day.

You are on an unspoken probationary period for a while.  It’s unlikely you’ll find it any official company policy, but it will shadow you initially.  What will precede the workplace reputation you are about to establish are the references given you: they will to varying degrees describe your past workplaces’ reputation.  Whoever you ask for a reference, make sure you know pretty well what they will say about you: ask them to be supportive, truthful and positive in their representation of you.  References are a pre-contributory factor to your workplace reputation: they are, I believe, trace elements among those “fast traveling advertisements.

“Curtains up, light the lights, you got nothing to hit but the heights …” You decide on the height(s) you want to reach and build your reputation on trust, credibility and honor and you will get there.

Crafting Joonomy’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) was among our primary concerns as we became Joonomy. A strong moving USP is vital to the foundation from which a business can deliver on its advertising and subsequent sales. Marketability is self-promoting if you do it smartly and wisely: Crafting Your Unique Selling Proposition is smart, it is wise and it is yours for the making.

As a new or small business owner you strive to build and differentiate your business from your competition. To do so you have to design a cumulative strategy that will interact within itself eventuating in the Unique Selling Proposition you want and need to promote and be successful.

I am the behind-the-scenes face of Joonomy. My intent and Joonomy’s purpose is to provide our client-base of new and small business owners, freelancers, contractors and professional service providers with a trusted opportunity-filled marketplace to help them secure the connections they are looking for as they work towards success. Hiring the most suitable candidates for job positions, finding customers to utilize the particular services of a business, a contractor or service provider all factor into Joonomy’s platform for your success.

Sharing Joonomy’s USP

I created our unique selling proposition for Joonomy; and, Joonomy for you. Joonomy wants you to create a standout USP for your business. And, through sharing the USP mechanics of our creative thought process with you, we hope to spark your resourcefulness in launching a unique selling proposition that will serve you towards success.

Your future customers are out there. They need to see, read about and get hooked on the unique selling proposition you are marketing; and, that marketing should be as versatile in its approach as it is in its means of media-advertising strategy. The words you choose and how you put them together are intrinsic to the “wow, that sounds really interesting, really catchy, different” response and “okay, in for a penny in for a pound, I’ll try it” reaction you are goaling for. You don’t need a lot of words: you need the right ones.

Your business is offering products and/or services that people are looking for whether they know it yet or not: therein lies the uniqueness of your selling proposition. Your selling proposition is a promise and the delivery of that promise will bring you customers who will become a part of your customer-base and in doing so give you their lifetime customer value. Need I say more!

There is a tangible, concrete, reality to creating a unique selling proposition: that being the actual, visible, marketing platform and strategies we put in place and offer clientele. We go one step further and say there is also a mental, psyche, subliminal – if you will – visualization for creating a unique selling proposition: that being the perceptual recognition that “this” product or service is exactly what your customers want and need.

Joonomy is about helping all business owners with emphasis on new and small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs because we believe that our unique selling proposition will have the most dynamic impact on them. We understand the struggles you face and we want you to understand our USP and know that we are prepared and here to help you.

Estimations indicate that only 20% of businesses understand their own USP and utilize it. Congratulations if you fit into that 20%. However, if you fall into the 80% who need to craft a USP we hope you will take advantage of this blog to encourage you to give thought to and come up with a USP that will work to define your business.

Joonomy Hints You Towards Your Unique Selling Proposition

» Your business is dry cleaning: your USP
Dirty It, We’ll Clean It: 1 Hour = No time to waste Spot On Spot Out Cleaners
It’s what your business does and promises to get done in 1 hour.  It’s an unbreakable promise if you want your business to succeed and grow so if you need 2 hours don’t state it will be done in 1 hour.

» Tailor your USP to resonate with customers you can help the most. Be thorough in customizing your USP: focus, be direct and be able to deliver on your promise(s). You may well get new customers who might not quite fit into your tailored USP but want your product, your services: do your best to oblige them.  It is how I’ve structured Joonomy’s platform where our primal focus is on the impact we will have in helping new and small business owners but not ignoring the help we can give freelancers, contractors and service providers, and larger businesses if asked.

If you truly can’t help, make nice and if possible refer them to a business that can.  Decency and thoughtfulness go a long way and come round full circle.

» Pricing can be a very effective USP But, do not flounder on price, be specific.  A high price has to convey quality, exclusivity and refinement.  A low price has to be magnetic and lock in someone’s mind.  If you choose pricing, research demographics so your USP resonates with those potential customers you are reaching out to.  A high price USP is easily consistent with a Hammacher Schlemmer: conversely, a low price USP is comparably consistent with a Dollar Store. 

»  A major concern in every industry: Hiring.

We believe hiring employees is a major concern for most businesses especially so for a new business. It is costly and time consuming.  Job postings with Joonomy are free: there goes the “costly.”  We also enable and encourage new and small business owners to take full advantage of our matching features’ tool:  there goes much of the “time consuming.”  “How lucky can you get …”

» Offer reassurances or guarantees on your products and/or services and back it up with your USP “promise:” ones that your competitors are either unable to or choose not to offer.

Domino’s Pizza built its business on this concept. Their mantra:

“Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered To Your Door In Under 30 Minutes Or It’s Free! Guaranteed.”

Double your money back USP’s are used in highly competitive industries.

» Make your USP short and sweet.
Make it memorable and eye-catching in a few words. Too many words, too many sentences – even worse – get lost in the mind-shuffle of most people.  Don’t make them have to think: catch them, make them react, make them want your product, your service, without having to give it another thought.

» An enticing USP is what you want: it’s all in how your word it.
Joonomy wants new and small business owners to succeed and we want them to know it from the on-set.  How do we do it: we offer our services free to new and small businesses. “Free” is a powerful and enticing word, and elementary in Joonomy’s platform.

» Does your business cater to specific industries, age groups, individuals? Whatever you specialize in and whoever your services reach out to and can accommodate, you must use your USP to let people and other businesses know who you are and why they would do best by using your services.  Your customer-base can be a great resource for you but you have to build it and that means being really smart and “individual” about creating your unique selling proposition.

» Your USP and your business are inextricably tied to one another.
Joonomy is so in-touch with the challenges you face and come up against as business owners, I can only reiterate that You are the Why of Joonomy.  Our platform may stress more so on the new and small businesses but we are here for all businesses that come to us.

Your unique selling proposition is your map-quest to move you towards success: use our tid-bits of pointers shared with you here. Your success is yours for the making and Joonomy will do what we can to help you get there.

Remember, “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, on that you can depend.. .”

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions about Joonomy’s USP and/or your USP. Share them with us in the space-box below. Thank you.